Temporary Associate Research Administrator

Temporary Full-time Associate Research Administrator

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Northwestern University is seeking a temporary

Full-time Associate Research Administrator

for the



Temporary Job Description:
The temporary

Associate Research Administrator

provides administrative assistance and routine problem solving in support of unit’s research programs and mission. Assistance may include the preparation and/or submission of routine research proposals, grants and/or contracts according to standard practice and/or general instruction. This individual may assist with and/or complete proposal submissions, prepare information used in grant budgets, process and project financial transactions, and/or effort reporting activities.

Specific Responsibilities:
Typically administers entire research projects such as:
Single Principal Investigator (PI) basic proposals, grants and/or contracts

May assist with multi-PI or multi-unit proposals, grants and/or contracts

NIH R03 – approximately $100K/year over 2 years

NIH R01 – approximately $250K/year over 5 years

NIH R21 – approximately $150K/year over 2 years

Industry sponsored research

Foundation grants

NSF grants



Completes pre-award administration of grant and/or contract activities.

Reviews solicitation and determines necessary components.

Organizes proposal, renewal and resubmission applications.

Completes NU Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) forms and collaborates with OSR Grants Assistant and Grants Officer.

Completes entire application for smaller, less-complicated, simple, standard proposals.

Completes post-award administration of research grants and/or contracts.

Reviews account establishment.

Reviews expenditures.

Reconciles standard budget and payroll information ensuring that appropriate sponsored accounts are charged.

Tracks formal re-budgeting.

Coordinates core resource account setup and maintenance.

Provides data needed for the preparation of interim and final financial and technical progress reports.

Participates in account close out activities.

Monitors project under spending and overspending.

Communicates with PI, other unit and project personnel, OSR, ASRSP and/or sponsor accordingly.

Reviews and/or approves transactions.

Prepares and coordinates signatures on 90 day letters required when transactions are not timely.

Resolves standard and routine compliance problems and issues involving associated NU policies and practices; local, state, federal, agency and sponsor rules, regulations and requirements regarding grant and/or contract administration.

Becomes familiar with regulations involving research safety, animal subjects and human subjects.

Alerts supervisor to potential higher risk compliance issues including research safety, animal subjects and human subjects.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Required:
Minimum Qualifications

Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree; OR appropriate combination of education and experience.

1 year of financial or administrative support experience in a research environment or other relevant experience

Interest in the business of higher education and research.

Organization, time management, detail oriented.

Multi-tasking, communication.

Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

Ability to work under pressure and prioritize.

Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Ability to interact professionally with faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Computer literacy, including proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and scheduling software.

Experience with internet searches and database applications.

Preferred Qualifications:
Two years’ experience in proposal/award management in a university environment.

Knowledge of NU’s financial systems and accounting procedures.

Understanding of OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, A-133, Research Terms & Conditions (FDP) and agency-specific terms and conditions, including the PHS Grants Policy Statement and the NSF Grant Policy Manual.

Knowledge of other electronic federal proposal/award management systems, including www.grants.gov.

Extensive Excel experience; experience with NU Systems.

Software Required:
MS Office suite 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Northwestern University seeks to employ a varied and diverse range of dynamic people who understand the importance of our mission and vision. When you consider a temporary opportunity at Northwestern University, you know that you are joining an institution with a deep history of academic, professional and personal development.

Date Posted: 7/12/2016

As per Northwestern University policy, this position requires a criminal background check. Successful applicants will need to submit to a criminal background check prior to employment.

Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer of all protected classes including veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Company: Northwestern University

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016

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