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* * * IMPORTANT Salary Information * * * BE AWARE: Many District positions are scheduled to work LESS than 12 months per year and LESS than 40 hours per week . Actual salary paid may be different from the 12 months per year and 40 hours per week default salary range example that is posted above.

Actual salary paid for all positions will be based on:

  • Number of hours that are scheduled to work per week, and
  • Number of days / months that are scheduled to work per year.
  • Applicants that are not certain of the number of hours, the number of days / months, and the annual salary paid for a specific position should contact the HR Customer Care Center for the position’s information at 877-477-3722 (or PX 48777).

    Changes cannot be made once an application has been submitted. An application may be withdrawn, but not deleted.

    General Information
    All applicants who are recommended for employment shall be required to comply with procedures designated by the Superintendent and School Board Policy 3.10 (Policies can be located at: http://www.palmbeach.k12.fl.us/policies ) in order to be eligible to work for the District. Such procedures shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Completion of forms required by federal and state agencies and the School Board;
  • Completion of forms related to the employee benefits package; and
  • All employment categories are subject to the completion of drug testing pursuant to School Board Policy 3.96 or 3.961. Any applicant who tests positive for a drug as defined in the policies will not be hired. In addition, only certain employment categories are subject to the completion of a pre-employment medical examination by, and the receipt of, a medical clearance from professionals selected by the School Board. The medical examination may consist of a physical examination and/or testing for potentially impairing, disabling, communicable and terminal diseases or conditions including, but not limited to, tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases, carcinoma, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, cardiovascular diseases, muscular skeletal diseases or disorders, hearing and visual impairments, mental or nervous disorders, alcoholism, and drug abuse.
  • All applicants must submit three (3) references on the School District Employment Reference form (PBSD 0606).
  • Non-Instructional Applicants applying for some clerical positions will be required to take a Keyboarding Test. The applicants for those positions will have to meet the Word per Minute (WPM) requirement for the given position.
  • District Responsibilities
    Follows policies:
    Follows adopted policies and procedures in accordance with School Board priorities.

    Conducts oneself in the best interest of students, in accordance with the highest traditions of public education and in support of the District’s Mission Statement.

    Other Duties:
    Performs other duties as assigned.

    Furnish Records
    Permission is hereby given to any agency of the government of the United States and/or any other agency, person, firm or corporation holding records considered confidential to furnish the Department of School Police and/or the Division of Human Resources of the School District of Palm Beach County all information desired involving me in any way, upon request. Such records, I understand, may include reasons for termination of employment, reasons for discharge from military services, criminal history, on-the-job performance, educational records, or any other personal information which may not otherwise be obtained without prior agreement. Included in this grant of authority is my permission to former employers.

    EEO Statement
    The School District of Palm Beach County abides by the laws and regulations of the federal and state governments prohibiting discrimination; supports actively and fully equal opportunity policies, programs and plans for its employees. Also, the School District actively encourages qualified applicants of all ethnic groups and both sexes to seek available employment opportunities with the School District of Palm Beach County. The District does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of such individual’s race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, parental status, or marital status.

    Handicapped applicants shall be considered for employment if they are qualified and meet the safety and performance requirements of the position.

    Tobacco Free Preference
    The use of tobacco and tobacco products is a known and established hazard to the health and well-being of those who use them. The health problems created by the use of these products contribute to the increase in health care costs and the rise in insurance premiums. It is in recognition of these factors that the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, is taking measures to develop a tobacco free workforce. As provided on the employment application, the District will provide a hiring preference for prospective employees who do not use tobacco or tobacco products.

    Veteran’s Preference
    In order to receive Veteran’s Preference in employment, applicants must complete a claim form and provide documentation to demonstrate eligibility. Whithin 1 business day of submitting the job application online, the applicant must contact the school principal or the department’s director by telephone to inform the hiring supervisor that he/she is claiming Veteran’s Preference. Phone numbers are available at http://www.palmbeachschools.org/Employees/directory/asp.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide proof of eligibility to the appropriate hiring supervisor . A copy of the claim form and documentation of service should be taken to an interview and attached to your profile. Before attaching the form and documentation of service, scan and save the documents with the title of Veterans Preference. Attach the Veterans Preference document to your profile under the resume attachments. Claim forms are available from our office upon request and at: http://www.palmbeach.k12.fl.us/Records/PDF/1288.pdf

    1001.41(i)&(2); 1001.42(25); 1012.23(1), F.S.
    1001.42(5); 1001.43(11), F.S.
    New: 6/02/76; Revised: 6/16/87; 7/22/87; 6/16/06;7/1/09

    PB Instructional Guidelines

    As an applicant, you are required to submit the Conditions of Employment Form ( PBSD 0606 ).


  • Three (3) Employment References (PBSD 0606) are required from your most recent employers/supervisors for the past 5 years of employment.
  • Experienced Teachers – Employment Reference (PBSD 0606) from your most recent principal(s). The remaining reference forms should be sent to individuals who have firsthand knowledge of your teaching (i.e., assistant principal, department chair) or current non-teaching supervisor. Also, provide your most recent evaluation.
  • Recent graduates – Obtain references on the Employment Reference (PBSD 0606) from your cooperating/directing teacher, college supervisor, and principal from your student teaching experience.
  • Transcripts/Credentials

    You must submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities from which you earned credits and/or degrees; copy statement of eligibility or a valid Florida teaching certificate.


  • You must hold a Florida Educator Certificate, or have applied for one with a current application, official transcript(s) and appropriate fee(s), prior to being cleared as a full-time classroom teacher.
  • To apply on-line, go to the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Certification internet address: www.fldoe.org/edcert.
  • If you currently hold a Florida Educator’s Certificate, submit a copy to the District.
  • If you hold any out of state teaching credential(s), submit a copy to the District.
  • No Child Left Behind Federal Guidelines (NCLB)

  • All teachers of core academic subjects hired after July 2006 must satisfy the NCLB Highly Qualified Standards. Elementary teachers need to meet one of the following:
    a. NCLB/Highly Qualified Standards: Subject Area Exam for PK-3, Elementary 1-6, or K-6
    b. Graduation from a Florida college or university with NCATE
    c. Eligibility from FLDOE for a Professional Teaching Certificate AND have No teaching experience
  • -Verification from another State that NCLB/HQT standards have been met
  • An ESE teacher who is the teacher of record for an academic course or an alternate achievement standards course must meet the highly qualified requirements for each academic area IN ADDITION to having appropriate ESE certification.
  • An ESOL teacher who is the teacher of record for an academic Language Arts/English course must meet the highly qualified requirements for the core content IN ADDITION to having appropriate ESOL certification.
  • Applicants should provide verification of having met the NCLB/HQT standards via mail to the Department of Recruitment and Retention attn: NCLB/HQT Administrator
  • *If you have placement files/papers at your College or University, you are responsible for requesting that the placement file be sent to the School District.

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