Security Specialist

(USPSC) – SOL-306-17-000018-OM

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development Mission to Afghanistan, is seeking applications from qualified individuals interested in providing services under a Personal Services Contract (PSC) as described in the attached solicitation.

Submissions must be made in accordance with the attached information and received at the place and time specified. Interested applicants must submit all the materials as required by the solicitation. In order to be considered for the position a candidate must meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in the solicitation. The Security Specialist position is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Please cite the solicitation number and position title within the subject line of your email application. Any attachments provided via email must be compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 or PDF and not zipped. Note that attachments to email must not exceed 3 MB. Application letters and forms must be signed. Incomplete and unsigned applications/forms will not be considered.

USAID/Afghanistan anticipates awarding one (1) Personal Service Contract as a result of this solicitation. Please note that this does not constitute any guarantee that a PSC will be awarded as a result of this solicitation nor does it constitute any authorization by USAID to reimburse costs incurred in the preparation of an application.

Applications must be submitted electronically to KblAIDPSCjobs@usaid.gov .

Any questions must be directed in writing to KblAIDHR@usaid.gov .

Company: USAID

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017

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