Post-Doc PD Engineer

Post-Doctoral Process Development Engineer

Seeking an exceptional, highly-motivated chemical or biochemical engineer to work on cutting edge technology in the renewable chemicals space. The successful candidate will support research on the development, optimization, engineering, and scale up of one or more milestone-driven projects.


  • Design and implement bioreactor experiments and scalable control strategies for optimization of both cell-growth and bioproduction processes.
  • Monitor lab and pilot processes to ensure consistency, reliability and readiness for scale. Work with team members in the development of the final process design, process protocols and guidelines for best practices to minimize process problems during scale efforts and production. Design and execute appropriate scale based develop work.
  • Advise on equipment specifications and where needed procurement efforts.
  • Perform molecular biology techniques such as PCR, DNA subcloning, cell transformation, cell culture, and biochemical assay development.


  • Ph.D. in chemical and bioengineering, or equivalent.
  • Strong background in microbial culturing techniques with a deep understanding of microbial metabolism as well as bioreactor design and operating principles (e.g., mass transfer, heat transfer, and microbial kinetics).
  • Experience with molecular biology, microbial physiology, and biochemical assay development

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • proof of concept experiments: 1 year
  • biochemical assay: 1 year
  • kinetics: 1 year


Location: , ,


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