Part-Time Data Entry Clerk

Enters referral and placement information into eKidz.net database.

Enters and retrieves data from the eKidz.net database.

Demonstrates computer skills including knowledge of spreadsheets, data bases and word processing.

Generates acknowledgments to be sent to DCF.

Prepares daily mailings.

Gathers data for Performance Improvement Reports.

Prepares reports as needed in the ekidz.net database.

Enters provider information into DCF FACTS database.

Processes authorization forms generated by referrals and placements.

Enters clients collateral information into eKidz.net database

Reports unusual incidents through appropriate Risk Management, clinical and safety channel.

Implements SFCS policies and follows directives as required. Follows and adheres to all pertinent SFCS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), rules, personnel policies and procedures, elated accreditation and licensure standards; and federal, state and local rules, statues, regulations, and contractual terms.

Ensures clients’ rights are protected.

Is knowledgeable of and follows all safety procedures.

Non-Essential Functions

Prefer to have a minimum of 40 hours in-service education per year.

Other duties as assigned.

Job Specific Core

Competencies (As observed by


Job Knowledge (as defined in the essential job functions)


Quality of work (accuracy)

Quantity of work (productivity)

Organizational Core

Competencies (As observed by

supervisor/evaluator) > Initiative > Versatility > Attendance/Punctuality > Effectiveness in working relationship with others/teamwork

Company: Saint Francis Community Services

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2016

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