Operations Analyst and Coordinator

MDabstract Operations Analyst and Coordinator

Position Summary:

Responsible for development, implementation, and oversight of analytical reports related to contracts between MDabstract and business associates, assigned subcontractors and/or vendors. The position will include routine analysis and research regarding current and future contracts, including client ROI, direct and indirect labor costs, staff productivity, differential analysis, opportunity costs and light accounting duties.

Staff supervision and account oversight responsibilities will encompass monitoring efficiencies of clinical abstraction, indexing and quality controls. Client and project development, client satisfaction, problem solving, project guideline development, training, overview sessions, and project audits for various healthcare specialties will be coordinated with senior management staff.

The MDabstract Operations Analyst and Coordinator will report to the President and Chief Operations Officer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Sound management and supervision of the abstraction team including Senior Project Managers, Account Resource Managers, Supervisors, and their staff. Management and oversight will include a high volume of administrative tasks including staff meetings, team building, training, performance evaluations, coaching, counseling and conflict resolution.
  • Coordinate electronic medical record abstraction services for clinicians and medical facilities spanning multiple healthcare specialties throughout the country. Abstraction services will include simultaneous implementation of multiple accounts, process development and account maintenance throughout the client’s term of service.
  • Act as an MDabstract liaison between subcontractors, hired supervisors and the corresponding team of clinical chart abstractors to maintain expected production standards, quality audit standards and attendance requirements.
  • Engage in written and verbal recommendations of project scope to client using reports reflecting completed abstracted chart samples and critical data that should be included in the charts that are abstracted for clinical and compliance purposes.
  • Monitor abstraction team to ensure that all MDabstract training, abstraction, quality, and client requests are executed effectively and efficiently while maintaining MDabstract security, compliance, internal and organization policies.
  • Work independently and with the COO and Senior Project Management Team to determine individual account analytic needs. Assist organization with defining and building fundamental reports.
  • Routinely design graphs and reports, conduct and review department productivity analysis and department efficiency audits reporting findings to the Project Management Team.
  • Make critical adjustments in supervised team processes, cross training, workload and staffing where necessary while forecasting future departmental needs.
  • Proactively report organization performance trends and action items with proposed resolutions to the President and Chief Operations Officer in a timely manner in an effort to minimize negative impacts to the organization, subcontractors, clients and staff. Must provide detailed analytical reports with supporting data of all trends identified including positive and negative impacts of any resolutions provided.
  • Consistently refining assigned staff mentoring, counseling and organizational learning techniques in an effort to effectively create high performance teams consulting with the Human Resources Department when necessary.
  • Understand, monitor, and exhibit a good faith effort to maintain confidentiality of patient information in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH policies as defined in federal, state and MDabstract policies and procedures.

Knowledge and Abilities:

Availability to work fulltime hours with extended or fluctuating evening hours dependent upon task.

Excellent analytical, organizational, verbal and written communication.

Strong attention to detail and accuracy.

Self-motivated, client service oriented, able to multitask and persistently problem solve while working independently.

Thorough understanding of electronic health record content with exposure to multiple Electronic Health Record Systems.

The nature of our business is fast moving and dynamic so you will need to be flexible and able to effectively accommodate and communicate changes in business and account needs as they arise.

Education and Experience:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or five (5) years of data analysis and analytical software experience

Training: Database Principles, Validation and Data Auditing, Medical Documentation Competency, EHR and Advanced Microsoft Suite Proficiency (Macros, Formulas, Pivot Tables, Charting, Formatting)

Preferred Experience: Two (2) or more years of direct staff management of ten (10) or more employees

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Staff Management: 2 years

Company: MDabstract

Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017

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