Land Surveyor – KSA

Ensure compliance with company policies, procedures and standards, applicable laws and regulations; assist the HoS/Resident Engineer in establishing/updating section policies and procedures

Correspond and communicate with the Kuwait Municipality in order to obtain valid information on the applicable survey control points of assigned project sites

Obtain information on legal and survey records as well as land titles in order to ensure the construction of roads and traffic projects is completed within the boundaries of the surveyed area

Ensure the accuracy of measurements and calculations included in survey data prior to its utilization

Calculate and maintain all applicable characteristics of terrain, sketches, maps and reports

Supervise the completion of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to land surveys

Review all applicable drawings and maps to confirm their accuracy

Develop descriptions of property boundary surveys in order to utilize them in performance reports, leases, or other legal documents

Input and analyze geodetic measurements and survey data for determining positions and elevations of geomorphic and topographic features

Confirm longitudes and latitudes measurements of applicable features and boundaries in the relevant areas through the use of satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) and other equipment

Conduct and obtain surveys on project sites in order to assist the Roads and Traffic Section in developing designs (as and when required)

Record all survey calculations including figures, contours, positions, and scope of the land surveyed

Ensure the accuracy of information obtained on positions and levels for structures, roads, and pipelines etc.


Lead a team of Land Surveyors; assign roles and responsibilities

Assist in the training of new joiners and interns

Ensure health and safety of architects/engineers working on site.

Note: The job holder may be required to undertake additional duties, which may be reasonably expected and form part of the function of the job.

Company: Pace

Location: N/A, SA, Australia

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016

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