Injection Mold Operator / Analyzer (R&D)

*3 month contract position*

(a) Performing tasks and activities related to ARTC requests for compounding, molding, color matching, and testing. These can include:

* Setting up the extruder and molding machine for upcoming jobs
* Running extruder and molding machine, once fully trained
* Helping with materials analysis, once fully trained:
** Setting up experimental programs,
** Analyzing data,
** Reporting and presenting findings
* Helping with set up and evaluation of color matches

Complying with all position requirements as defined in our client’s internal control, quality system and SHE requirements, policies and procedures.

Performing special projects and related duties as assigned.

b) Authorities
Work as directed by the R&T Manager and other ARTC personnel.

c) Projects/special assignments
To be determined depending by the current needs of the business.

Pay Rate: $17.00 per hour

Drug and background screenings required

Company: On-Board Services

Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017

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