Associate Actuarial Analyst

Responsibilities: • Provides Actuarial Dept. with pricing support, calculating reserves, risk assessment/analysis, data reporting, financial forecasting/projections, creating filings and/or performing financial and risk analysis in changes to provider contracts in order to help BSC meet its goals of providing low-cost healthcare and meeting earnings objectives.• Conducts analysis pricing and risk assessment to estimate financial outcomes.• Produces timely various standard analytic reports for internal and/or external use.• Prepares schedules of statistics, financial statements, premiums, reserves and benefits, documenting and verifying the factors used in related computations.• Assists in the analysis of changes in provider reimbursement terms.• Learns various actuarial techniques and procedures.• Compiles and categorizes data, documenting and verifying the factors used in computations such as those used in evaluating loss and expense reserves, preparing rate filings, schedules of statistics, premiums, benefits, and establishing rating and pricing levels.• Practices basic modeling, querying and analysis.• Applies basic mathematical and programming techniques in course of doing actuarial analyses under direct supervision of Manager.
Education/Requirements: • Position requires BS degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science or related discipline and/or equivalent business experience.• Typically has completed Course 1 (Exam P) towards the eventual attainment of the Associate, Society of Actuaries (ASA) designation.

Company: Blue Shield of California

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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