Amharic/Tigrigna-Bilingual Instructional Assistant-Lowell and Northgate



The job of Bilingual Instructional Assistant is done for the purpose(s) of assisting in the students’ English language acquisition from their native language, provides classroom instructional support to the certified teacher, and serves as a resource for bilingual families, teachers and the community.


  • Assists in administering tests, homework assignments, make-up work, etc. for the support of teachers in the instructional process.
  • Assists students, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments (e.g. translating instructions and materials, adapting lessons to bilingual or cultural understanding, etc.) for the purpose of presenting and/or reinforcing learning concepts.
  • Implements, under the supervision of the teacher, instructional programs and lesson plans for the purpose of aiding teachers.
  • Assists with maintaining student records, classrooms and supplies for the purpose of aiding teachers.
  • Assists in mediating problems between school and government persons (e.g. case workers, police, community program leaders, etc.) for the purpose of aiding teachers.
  • Monitors individual students in a variety of settings (e.g. classroom, library, playground activities, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Assists with record keeping and clerical functions (e.g. scheduling, copying, etc.) for the purpose of supporting the teacher and/or administrator in providing necessary records/materials.
  • Performs support in all areas of the school and classroom in student activity (e.g. behavioral problems, truancy, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe learning environment.
  • Serves as a liaison for families and community in workshops and cultural events for the purpose of enriching the family experience in the District and community.
  • Interprets verbal and written communication(s) to bilingual students and their families and to other families where the parents may not speak or read English (e.g. Parent-Teacher conferences, meetings, documents, etc.) for the purpose of assisting students, teachers and parents in communicating.
  • May aid bilingual special needs students for the purpose of providing a safe, sanitary learning environment. Assists students and families to understand District programs (e.g. Head Start, Special Education, etc.).


  • Performs related duties consistent with the scope of the position.


Reports to the assigned Principal and Program Supervisor.

KNOWLEDGE is required to perform basic math; read a variety of manuals, write documents following prescribed formats, and/or present information to others; and understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes: multiple languages; age appropriate activities; and concepts of grammar and punctuation.

SKILLS are required to perform multiple, non-technical tasks with a potential need to upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating equipment used in a classroom/office setting; planning and managing projects; using pertinent software applications; and preparing and maintaining accurate records.

ABILITY is required to schedule activities and/or meetings; gather and/or collate data; and use basic, job-related equipment. Flexibility is required to work with others in a wide variety of circumstances; work with data utilizing defined and similar processes; and operate equipment using defined methods. Ability is also required to work with a diversity of individuals and/or groups; work with similar types of data; and utilize specific, job-related equipment. In working with others, problem solving is required to identify issues and create action plans. Problem solving with data may require independent interpretation; and problem solving with equipment is limited. Specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: working independently regardless of disability or level; documenting student activities, behavior and progress; supporting structures learning and behavior shaping activities; and relate effectively to students and families. Ability to keyboard; learn to use computers; fluency and literacy in a designated second language. Ability to translate or interpret or perform other designated services to meet the needs of students in the program/grade levels to which assigned.


Responsibilities include: working under direct supervision using standardized procedures; leading, guiding, and/or coordinating others; and operating within a defined budget. Utilization of some resources from other work units may be required to perform the job’s functions. There is a continual opportunity to have some impact on the Organization’s services.


The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: significant lifting, up to 50 pounds, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; some climbing and balancing; frequent stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and significant fine finger dexterity. Generally the job requires 30% sitting, 30% walking, and 40% standing. This job is performed in a generally clean and healthy environment.


District employees, other than personnel in the District’s Employment Services Department (at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence), are not authorized to make promises of employment, promises of employment for a particular period of time, or promises of a particular level of compensation or benefits to job applicants for certified or classified positions. Any verbal or written statements to that effect by District employees other than Employment services personnel are null and void.



High school diploma or equivalent and 1) completion of an Associate’s degree, OR 2) completion of two years of college, and not a degree but seventy-two (72) quarter hours or forty-eight (48) semester hours of college credit, or 3) a passing score on the Praxis Parapro Assessment Test.


None Specified.


One (1) year of related paid work experience.


Valid State of Washington Driver’s License


SECURE Training: CPI; Confidentiality; Positive Discipline, ASM Training


Criminal Justice Fingerprint Background Clearance



Please attach High School and College transcripts

Seattle Public Schools, SPS, provides Equal Educational Opportunities and Equal Employment Opportunities and does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex; race; creed; color; religion; ancestry; national origin; age; economic status; sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity; pregnancy; marital status; physical appearance; the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability; honorably discharged veteran or military status; or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal.

For employee questions about or requests for disability related accommodations and/or complaints of alleged discrimination, including sexual harassment, contact: Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Seattle Public Schools, Mailstop 33-157, P.O. Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1166, 206-252-0024, or hreeoc@seattleschools.org

For students and members of the public, the following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Office of Student Civil Rights, 206-252-0306, oscr@seattleschools.org , or by mail at Seattle Public Schools, MS 32-149, P.O. Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1166. In that department:

  • For sex discrimination concerns, including sexual harassment, contact: Title IX Coordinator,206-252-0367, or Title.IX@seattleschools.org
  • For disability discrimination concerns contact: ADA/Section 504 Grievance Coordinator,206-252-0178, or accessibility@seattleschools.o accessibility@seattleschools.org

Company: Seattle Public Schools

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017

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