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This once-in-a-lifetime teaching opportunity comes with a free apartment and excellent salaries.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is now hiring for teaching positions in their public school system for the new school year, with start dates in August 2017. Earn a tax-free annual salary of USD $43,000 – USD $97,000 . To qualify for these positions you must have a current teaching license and at least one year of post-certification teaching experience. ADEC is hiring teachers with the following specializations:
Middle School Math Teacher (Grades 6-9)
Middle School Science Teacher (Grades 6-9)

Middle School English Teacher (Grades 6-9)

High School Math Teacher (Grades 10-12)

High School Science (Grades 10-12)
High School English Teacher (Grades 10-12)
Assitant Principal

The Abu Dhabi Education Council considers teachers their most valuable asset in creating a world-class education system and in the overall development of their society. They have embarked on a major educational reform to ensure their students are bilingual in Arabic and English and develop a passion for learning they can take into higher education and beyond. As an ADEC teacher, you will serve on the front line of the reform program by engaging students and maximizing their potential. ADEC has adapted an outcomes based curriculum from New South Wales (Australia) for their students. The curriculum’s goal is to develop analytical abilities in independent thinkers. So, if you also aim to develop these skills in your students then this job is for you.
About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates and has become a major hub for expats living abroad. L ife can be drastically different depending on where you are located. Abu Dhabi City is a vast metropolis where you will have access to modern amenities available in any major city. Al-Ain, a city of almost 600,000 people, is the traditional summer retreat for Emiratis due to its cooler climate and laid back lifestyle. Al Gharbia (the Western Region) is made up of multiple oases and smaller communities. You will get a more authentic cultural experience and join a very close-knit group of teachers there. Wherever you end up in Abu Dhabi you can expect to be greeted with warmth and be no more than three hours from the capital city.

Job Benefits
Competitive tax-free monthly salary starting at 13,200 AED ($3,500 USD) to 29,750 AED ($8,000 USD) depending on teacher qualifications and experience

Airfare to and from Abu Dhabi for you and your dependents (your spouse and up to three biological children under 18)

Additional yearly airfare allowance for you and your dependents (your spouse and up to three biological children under 18).

One, two or three bedroom accommodation provided

Additional relocation allowance of 20,000AED ($5,400 USD) to furnish housing

Local medical insurance for you and your dependents (your spouse and up to three biological children under 18)

Two months’ vacation plus all national holidays

Contract completion bonus of one month’s salary per year

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